Saturday, October 6, 2012

That's Just One Of My Personal Crusades

Mr. Who Am Us Anyway - you are right, autumn is here and its about time I posted something for the new season.  Today's post really doesn't have anything to do with the fall season but it is such a great song that I could not help myself.   First of all I am a sucker for a rock song that starts out with tubular bells!  Then a groovy bass line kicks in and time starts to fly.  By none other than Todd Rundgren's band The Nazz, this is the first track off of their second album Nazz Nazz.  Forget All About It has an off kilter rhythm that sets it firmly in the late 60s.   Todd finds just the right guitar tone throughout, sometimes jangly, sometimes psychedelic on the solo.  A softer middle section with harpsichord accompaniment is almost a jump forward to his Runt period wherein he became the male version of Carole King.  And a short but great bridge back to the chorus, a few bangs on the chimes and it is sadly over.