Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A song from an angel

Once in a blue moon I come across a song that stops me cold in my tracks. Earlier this year I purchased Judee Sill's first album on CD, and was quite taken by her beautiful gift for melody. So when I was strolling through Youtube recently, I came across a live performance of Judee accompanying herself on piano to the song "The Kiss". From the moment the video started I was paralyzed. I sat motionless, transfixed by what I saw and heard. The lyrics are sung in such a heartfelt manner, with absolute perfect pitch, flowing from the melody which is Bach-like in its structure. I have read a bit about Judee's unfortunate life, which adds an emotional burden almost too great to bare when watching this video. Judee - wherever your spirit has flown to - your gift will live on forever. I just cannot describe how deeply your music has touched me.

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