Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Viva la Revolucion!

How many recorded versions of Revolution exist? I have no idea but I just stumbled across another one - but this time with an actual video to accompany it. There is an "official" Beatles video with the 45rpm single version of the song - you know, the loud bordering on white noise version - without the background "shooby doo wop" vocals, and missing the last minute "count me out.. in" line present on the slower White Album version. Well this is another take of the loud version, with those effects from the album version. Maybe not as revelatory as the newly discovered Revolution 1 - Take 20 that has recently surfaced, but still a fine alternate take on one of John's classics. I cannot think of another band that looked as comfortable in their own skin as these guys at this point in their career.


tbrough said...

Wow. And have you heard Cheap Trick's version of the Sgt Pepper Live concert?

tbrough said...


Mister Pleasant said...

Hey Tim,

Good to find a message from you here. I have not heard it, but I am aware of it. Is it any good? I love their version of Day Tripper.