Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Sun Never Sets on English Quartets

Kinks-Size was the Kinks' second Reprise LP, released about the same time as the UK Kinda Kinks in March 1965. You know the drill - the contents were not same, although there are a few tracks in common. The US release contains All Day And All Of The Night, the hit single from fall of 1964. Two tracks from Kinks (UK) also made their first US appearance.

Because I grew up with them I really love these early US releases. The UK versions are generally longer but not necessarily better, even if they were what the band intended. For the Kinks were being rushed to put out product, so I do not believe they put in much effort to create a cohesive collection. That would come with their landmark post-1966 albums down the road.

Today I shall take the easy route for my song of the day. Tired Of Waiting For You was the third Kinks hit single in a row, and the first to slow down the tempo and offer more than a wall of guitar noise. The real kicker here is the gorgeous middle eight in which Ray grants his girl the freedom to make her own way, yet pleads with her to make a decision.
It's your life
And you can do what you want
Do what you like
But please don't keep-a me waiting

There are even some simple sweet harmony vocals to accompany his plea. The Kinks were growing and some real changes are just around the corner. Normally I prefer a live rather than lip-synced performance, but the Kinks have a priceless, purposely lame outdoor video with a surprise ending.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

This song gets played a lot around Casa Who -- Ms. Who says it reminds her of junior high ice skating follies where this song was a staple that played at the rink where she & her friends used to make the scene.

For me, it's a fave paper route song that played on WLS-AM as I sat on a cold basement floor to roll & rubberband my newspapers before heading out to make my rounds in the predawn darkness of suburban chicago ...

The video is great; i love the early shot of Mick nose down in the drum kit, too tired to lift his head ...

Holly A Hughes said...

This one is probably my favorite of all the power-chord Kinks singles. The weariness in Ray Davies' vocal is just so convincing (and I really dig that little groan he throws in too). He definitely makes you feel how strung out this guy is.

I like to play it alongside the Beatles' "I'm So Tired."