Saturday, April 10, 2010

Repulsion Part 2

After a month of soaking up the sonic awesomeness of Quasi's new release American Gong it is time to post my thoughts on it. Joanna Bolme was added as full time bassist a few years ago and finally we have a studio recording available to hear the results. Quasi had mined the two member setup since inception in 1993, and the addition of the bass has thrown them into a new direction. And I for one love the results. The fullness of sound and the anchor provided by Joanna's inventive bass riffs gives their music a deeper dimension.

I previously posted an audio-only preview of the lead off track Repulsion but with the success of the release and the accompanying tour, a plethora of live videos have been posted. A favorite of mine is an video filmed at the Gibson studio in Austin TX by KEXP (Seattle) during the SXSW festival. It gives a real glimpse of the loose yet focused energy the band brings to their live performances.

Sam summons up a combination of Keith Richard's riffage and Summer of Love psychedelic guitar freak out in this little tale of a sad loser with love making performance issues. Meanwhile Janet and Joanna have become my favorite rhythm section of any band currently working. My objectivity is clouded of course - these folks are based here in my little heaven of a city.

I could not stop, I stayed too long
I gave it a shot but I got the gong
I hit the bed and I pull up the sheets
I am stuck in this rotten lump of meat

And "folding" over at You-tube has posted the studio version with a video credited to Mike Donovan that has a zillion jump cuts and odd video effects. Fits the song to a tee.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

A terrific song by any measure; thanks for posting Mr. P! Both vids were excellent but i have to say i flipping loved seeing that Slingerland drum kit in action -- it's a rarity nowadays -- Gene Krupa famously played Slingerland -- but it's got that warm boom that's like nothing else. And I was right there with the bass line in each video, a really great ride each time -- Joanna's terrific as well.

I love the ironic aural nod to Aerosmith's Swe-e-e-t E-mow ... tion" in the "Repu-u-u-ul..sion" chorus!

Mister Pleasant said...

You bet, Who Am Us. Glad you enjoyed it. I knew nothing about Slingerland drum kits until you mentioned it. Of course I had to look it up online. You are right - it does have a wonderful sound so different from convention rock drum kits. And the nod to Aerosmith was in the back of my mind but I could not put my finger on it 'til now. I love the way Quasi sloppily changes notes in that long drawn out chorus.