Saturday, June 5, 2010

A little goth Saturday

As a card-carrying Carhartt Okie, the last trend my friends would identify me with is the goth scene. And I certainly never ran in those circles or wore the trademark all-black. But every once in a while in indulge myself with the music of Siouxsie and the Banshees. Over the course their first ten or so years they released a bevy of singles that still find their way to my turntable on a regular basis. Insistent, spooky, dark, cloaked in sometimes candy-coated coverings, their best work reminds me very little of the punk/new wave movement from which they sprang. That is one of the oft-forgotten joys of that 1976-1982 period when just about anything different was lumped under the heading of "punk".

Some day I must write about Peek-a-boo, a disturbing song with an art house video in which Siouxsee Sioux dons a killer Louise Brooks bob. But today I am listening to Spellbound, a single from 1981. From the point the percussion (courtesy of Budgie) and acoustic guitar make their entrance about 30 seconds in I am hooked. The fast guitar strumming with interesting chord changes is a hallmark of this song. Reminds me of The Who and Aztec Camera. Listen and enjoy.


Holly A Hughes said...
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Holly A Hughes said...

What, Mr. P -- you're not a Goth? I am shocked and amazed. :D

Thanks for giving Siouxsie a chance to escape the label. I always enjoyed their sound. Actually, having never seen them live or even seen their videos, I thought of them as punk, for the raw energy of their sound. None of that mopey Goth dreariness!

ssspune said...

Thank you, Mr. P! And I agree with you, Holly... i mean, i can't really see a "banana-split lady" wearing a black vinyl corset and, well, whatever... : )