Thursday, March 14, 2013

your mama calls you Billy your father calls you silly

In 1971 The Hollies released a glam / hard rock single about a cross dressing rock 'n roll singer.  "Hey Willy" was their only foray into this territory and it really is a hoot.  With a Led Zeppelin-ish rhythm section and guitar riff, it really does not amount to much but there are some charms to be found.   Foremost is the crazy drumming from Bobby Elliott, one of the most unsung rock drummers ever.   Some of his fills are just amazing, a 'la Keith Moon.

The lyrics are obviously poking fun at the Bowie/Bolan, and the sentiment expressed reminds me of The Guess Who's "Glamour Boy", a big poke in the eye at the whole glam/glitter movement.

Hey baby you're dressing like a lady
The fellows call you Sadie
but you really are a pretty one

You don't care what they say about your hair
'Cos the bank man's smilin'
every time he sees you comin' yeh

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Wonderful -- and seriously I'd never heard it till now! I don't see how that was possible, but I'm quite certain I would remember if I had.

The power chord foundation is very Kinks as well and you are so right and not for the first time re the Moon-ish echoes in general and the Elliot's under-ratedness in particular. I had the exact same brainstorm when i first the video of Look Through Any Window, a fab Smash Hit With a Bullet kind of deal i know, but the vocal are so stunning and overwhelming that it wasn't until I saw the video that i realized how Elliott was often playing "lead drums" to make that sound happen.