Monday, September 1, 2014

You'll Shine Over Me Today

In 1973-74, Paul McCartney and his band Wings were on fire.  Singles Live and Let Die and Helen Wheels got the ball rolling, followed by the Band On The Run LP and two singles spawned from that triple platinum album, then Paul's great rocker Junior's Farm.   Also during this time Paul produced and co-wrote the music for his brother Mike McGear's 1974 eponymous LP.  And his band Wings came along with the deal, so for all intents and purposes this is a Wings LP with Mike McGear singing lead vocals. 

I bought this LP when it came out based on a glowing review in Stereo Review magazine.  IMHO this album was better than the next Wings LP Venus and Mars.  In fact it is somewhat of a lost treasure.  That said, there are some odd tracks that were clearly more musically risky than anything Paul was willing to commit to on an official Wings' album, but for me that only adds to the charm.  Rainbow Lady might not be the deepest or most expansive track, but it has the effortless Macca tunefulness mixed with some lovely harmony work.

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Holly A Hughes said...

Under the radar McCartney stuff, always underrated.