Sunday, October 26, 2014

You've been acting strange of late

In 1965 my cousin Mary Rita married a young man named Roger, and they needed to get rid of some items to move in together, so Roger gave me his LP collection.   Among the gems were albums by Gerry and the Pacemakers (that "other" Merseybeat band) and San Francisco's own Beau Brummels.  That Brummels LP is long gone but I sure wish I had kept a hold of it.  The more I listen to their recorded legacy, the more I realize what a really fine band they were.  They had an ace songwriter in guitarist Ron Elliott, and one of the most unique vocalists with Sal Valentino.  Record company issues and changing popular tastes shortened their career, but before they called it quits in 1968 they produced a fine body of work ranging from their early folk/pop hits to psychedelia, with their final LP as a Nashville produced county/folk piece that I love dearly.

In 1965, as they were changing record labels, Fine With Me was intended as a single A side was left in the vaults, then re-recorded as a B-side on their new record company.  Over its Mamas and Papas bop-bop-bop vibe and acoustic guitar licks, Mr. Valentino delivers a deep soulful lead vocal. 

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