Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fuzzy wuzzy lovin' cup explosion

Ok, happy music today. The Guess Who might seem an odd choice, but I love that Canuck bunch of beer-chugging prairie hosers. And today's song-o-the-day is none other than Hand Me Down World. From their hippy aesthetics period, it is a little environmental ode with all of the hit single accoutrements necessary to make me quite happy. At about 1:32 Kurt Winter lays down a very fine solo, followed by a Beatle-ish "la la la la" reintro to the next verse. A fine listening experience to be had by all!


Holly A Hughes said...

Great blast from the past! I couldn't have told you this song's title, but I sure remember hearing it on the ray-dee-oh. Guess Who could surprise you sometimes!

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Great point re the mersey sound at 1:32! I'd never picked up on that before.

Man, Burton Cummings's voice was made for rock and roll wasn't it?