Friday, March 12, 2010

We purchase pleasure, and pay for it with hurt

I have to admit that I have found the perfect CD to represent the break up of my long term relationship. It has been here right under my nose for years. If I promise not to continue down this road, then please indulge me this one time with a dose of super melodic pop that is juxtaposed with the most downright bleak and pissed off lyrics ever. My hometown band Quasi just released an awesome new CD, but today's post goes way back to their 1998 release Featuring "Birds".

The CD is chock full of bright roxichord-driven pop songs with broken hearts sprinkled liberally throughout the lyrics. There will be no tragic 19th century romantic subjects here. The sentiments expressed come from deep inside a wounded heart for sure, but there is no gothic vision nor tragic barely missed opportunities. Long time fans like myself have always wondered if Sam Coomes was writing about his failed marriage to drummer Janet Weiss. Only the two of them know for sure, but in a wicked twist of fate they journey on in the band now entering its seventeenth year. If she is indeed the antagonist of these tunes, it is an amazing resolution that they continue to make great music together.

So for your listening please here is I Never Want To See You Again.


tbrough said...

It's time to break out Tonio K's "H.A.T.R.E.D." and break a few things. Here's to YOU, my friend.

Holly A Hughes said...

Never heard of this band, but that certainly is one plangent, passionate little song. I hope the balm of music is helping you, Mr. P. All best wishes!