Friday, October 15, 2010

Tulsa Time

The summer of 1975 my Tulsa homeboys Dwight Twilley Band hit the national charts with the power-pop-tastic I'm On Fire. It has every element that a hit single should have - a monster guitar riff, cool harmonies, great drumming, rockabilly lead vocals and a closing chorale over the top of the chorus. With a top 20 hit on their hands, their record company was in shambles and by the time the followup album appeared ten months later the group was already forgotten. Mr. Twilley is somewhat of a god in power pop circles and has been making music pretty much continuously with a real renaissance in the last ten years.

Since you are here, give a listen to the tunes on Dwight's just-released Green Blimp. The Turtles-ish Me and Melanie and the gorgeous beyond belief Let It Rain are just stupendous.


tbrough said...

Twilley is a LONG fave of mine. I am eager to buy Green Blimp, and he is selling signed copies right from his site.

Mister Pleasant said...

Hey Tim, I plan to order the CD online. Glad to hear that you are also a fan. I never saw him perform in Tulsa. He moved back about the time I left.