Monday, October 4, 2010

When you smile I have to take a chance

The introductory guitar salvo in Tonight is for me perhaps the most electrifying opening in all of rock 'n roll. Chords raining down from heaven. And the guitar work only gets better as the song progresses. In my book Wally Bryson is a guitar god. So much attention was paid to Eric Carmen's vocals and the groups 60's throwback harmonies that the tastiness of Bryson's guitar work was criminally overlooked. Not that I have a problem with the band's sound as I consider it to be power pop in its prime. And Mr. Carmen has a knack for recycling ideas from 60s bands and making them his own. By his own admission Tonight was intended to replicate the sound and texture of The Small Faces. And he succeeded in spades. How this managed to only barely graze the top 100 is one of life's great mysteries. Along with Overnight Sensation this is the peak of their work - a work that transcends its medium. The LP it came from - Side 3 - is pretty darn great too.


tbrough said...

I always loved the faux accent in the count off: one two three foh-wah!

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Mr. P your are so right to put the spotlight on Wally now -- I am one who never gave that the guitar a proper listen in this song. Until now.

Mr. Tbrough: me too! You just know these guys loved I Saw Her Standing There.

Holly A Hughes said...

A tasty track indeed! Thanks for posting -- I for one forget these guys too often.

Alex said...

It's hard not to love this.

Maybe impossible. :)