Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Feel Only Me

I know the biggest question in the back of you mind is "what is Mr. Pleasant's favorite John Lennon song not written by John Lennon?"  And the answer is a doozey because frankly it is a song forgotten by everyone in the universe.

Well, before I tell you who and what, let me just say that you really have to give this a listen before you make a judgement.   The song is a beautiful amalgamation of Imagine-period melodiousness merged with Help-period group harmonies.  And shades of "We Can Work It Out" - it even has a harmonium!

So here is the deal.  The recording artists had a short-lived TV variety show back in the mid 70s, and one of the members was married to Goldie Hawn for a period of time.  Of course I a referring to the Hudson Brothers and their one and only top 40 hit - So You Are A Star.    Apparently the brothers had a real penchant for Beatles-ish power pop, but were never given a chance on their insipid TV program to show what they could really do.  So the only evidence is this one song, but it is truly gorgeous, and clearly a loving tribute to Mr. Lennon.  It just makes me swoon every time I hear it.

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Crap. You're right again! :-)