Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tell Me Again What You Told Me Before

It is always a good day when I discover a new "nugget" from the late 60's.   Being a fan of Dave Edmunds for many years it is a bit odd that I never investigated his first band, Love Sculpture. Today while browsing on YouTube I chanced across a tune from their second album Forms and FeelingsIn The Land of The Few starts off with what sounds like a clavichord - and within seconds I was hooked.  Then a Who-like verse kicks in, to be followed by a chorus that has to be heard.  Just phenomenal, almost like a 17th century baroque melody.  Also packed in is a jangly middle section and one of Mr. Edmunds white hot guitar solos.

I am verklempt.  How did I not know about this song before now?

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

In the land of the few they believe me! OK, until tonight i had no idea this band even existed, even though i'm an *almost* unrivaled Rockpile & post-rockpile Dave Edmunds fan. Man!

OK, so it's really late, & early tomorrow i've got a big honking meeting for which i've got to do some quick reading :-) ... but my honest totally unfiltered irrational but honest memory vibes to give up right now: reminds of the *feeling* i got from first listening to King Crimson, in the court of; & also i must admit, Moody Blues (sorry, i know that is inappropriate) but yeah, maybe the moodies at certain point ... i mean this all as praise btw; i know both bands drive many a good rock ear to distraction but when it comes to music we are all a prisoner to some extent to our own pasts aren't we? Thanks for posting Mr. P; i'm going to get ahold of this album via iTunes or otherwise