Wednesday, November 26, 2014

There were rules you never told me

A few months ago I mentioned that I had just purchased Paul McCartney's New album.   Well, I am here to report that IMO his winning streak is going strong.  In fact the deluxe edition contains a couple of bonus tracks that leave me wondering why they were omitted on the original release.  There are beau coups of ear worms here, and Mr. McCartney continues to venture into new sounds and structures.  Starting with Chaos and Creation from 2005 it seems that he has finally thrown off the shackles that lowered the value of his 80s and 90s output.

Queenie Eye belongs in the category of "just enjoy the ride".  From the opening mellotron prelude (shades of Sgt. Peppers!) to the piano driven pop of the song proper, this is one of those songs that only McCartney could deliver.  I consider it the 21st century cousin of Lady Madonna, with a driving beat and melody that never overstays its welcome.  Furthermore there is a heavenly almost whispered interlude right in the middle that makes me feel like the sky has lifted to the heavens, and brings out the most touching lyrics in this song:

It's long way, to the finish
When you've never been before
I was nervous, but I did it
Now I'm going back for more

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

All right, all right, I'll buy the damn thing then. I told you before I'd given up on Paul but every time I say that he releases a new album so ... sigh. Here I go again. If the music's half as good as your writing (and most often his isn't) I'll be happy. Keeping an open mind though, I'm off to my indy store ...