Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Martha My Dear

The new Beatles 1+ release with two Blu Ray disks of videos is just about the best Beatles product ever.   The CD portion is fine although the Fab Four community is up in arms over the omission of "Please Please Me" since it was a #1 on some charts in the UK.  The new mixes are nice, with more clarity in just about every regard.  The guitar in "Paperback Writer" is absolutely pummeling.

But the videos are the real star here.  Going chronologically, they really kick in with "I Feel Fine" and never let up.   Options of stereo and two version of 5.1 surround are great but I am really in it for the actual videos.   To see those four together, singing, playing, laughing, enjoying themselves is what floats my boat.  Apple has pretty much shut down all Beatles videos on You-tube but who needs them now that we have top notch versions in an official release.   The videos that were initially created on film are just stupendous.   Restored with care and just bursting from the screen. 

Some days I think "Strawberry Fields Forever" may be my favorite song ever.   So thanks to Apple the new version is up on Youtube, and here it is.  But take my word for it, the actual blu ray version is twice as clear and deep.

Just a quick note to say that I have been away due to health issues.  Thanks to my doctors and my partner I am just about back to myself after nearly a year of recovery.  Howdy to all who may have wondered where I disappeared to.

And yes, Martha the sheepdog does make an appearance at the very end of the video, a detail I had never noticed before.

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