Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Road to a Real Good Time

Time for a brief break from my Monkees Marathon for a tune that has been stuck in my head for months.  I am a big fan of the neurotic comedy of Kristen Wiig, and recently watched the movie "Welcome To Me".  Since this is not a film review blog I won't go into details other than to say that Ms. Wiig was fabulous even if the movie itself could have been much tighter.  But during the end credits I heard a song that was new to me.  What I heard was a bizarre amalgamation of the Barry Manilow and Scott Walker, with lyrics that have to be heard to be believed.  The song is "ESP Switch" by Michael Farneti, a South Florida musician on his self produced album Good Morning Kisses.  On first listen I laughed at the outlandish lyrics and enjoyed the groove.  But hell if it has not stuck with me and I find myself dialing it up on Rhapsody on at least a weekly basis.  There is a joy in this song that just floats my boat.  The "is it love?" chorus is pure musical gold.

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