Friday, June 29, 2012

Scientific Delerium Madness

It is only fair that a Roger McGuinn tune should be added to the quartet of Byrdsongs that have appeared here over the last week.   Fifth Dimension nails the Dylan sound with its loping rhythm and penetrating lyrics.  McGuinn would turn out to be laziest of the Byrds great songwriters, but when he was on - as he is here - he was as good as it gets.  Waynenet  has a great a blog post about this song so go there and read his words of wisdom.   I learned from his post that none other than Van Dyke Parks plays the organ on this recording!  I certainly never knew that.

Oh how is it
That I could come out to you
And be still floatin'
And never hit bottom
But keep falling through
Just relaxing and paying attention


tim brough said...

I am so happy to see your postings again! Keep on rocking.

Mister Pleasant said...

Thanks Tim. I have been recovering from surgery and the posting has been part of that recovery process. Plus I was inspired first by some new (to me) Zombies related music, and then I got on another Byrds kick (it happens about once a year).

Now I am feeling a Yardbirds crush about to happen! Thanks for stopping in to visit and comment. You are always welcome here.

tim brough said...

You can always join in the fun and follow my blog (G).