Friday, June 15, 2012

She Smiles

And while I am on a post-Zombies kick, how about the opening track from Colin Blunstone's first solo LP "One Year".   Yep, that unmistakable Zombies sound is here, and no wonder as the song was written by Rod Argent and Chris White, the Z's principal songwriters and the men responsible for "Odessey and Oracle".   For my money Colin's soft wispy voice was a key ingredient to the miraculous sound of his former band.   His first solo album is a extremely fine work, full of fine piano pop as well as some gorgeous acoustic ballads.  In fact he had a #15 hit in the UK with "Say You Don't Mind" from this LP, a bouncy piece of early 70's pop written by ex-Moody Blues/future-Wings guitarist Denny Laine.

So here is "She Loves The Way They Love Her", which is also available in a post-Zombies version sung by Rod Argent.  Though Colin's take is the better of the two, with his tenor voice rising high and clear, and a killer production by Rod and Chris with an excellent electric guitar counter melody throughout.


Holly A Hughes said...

Mmm, dreamy. Colin's voice is such a wonder, and what serendipity it was for him and Rod Argent to have found each other -- Argent's sinuous melodies perfectly suit Blunstone's clear-toned vocals.

Mister Pleasant said...

Indeed. Although I missed them when they were in town a few years ago, Rod and Colin are touring together, doing a mix of Zombies, Colin solo, and Argent songs, plus some new tunes. Might be worth checking it out

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Holly's point is so spot on. It's downright eerie.

I've spent time thinking the same about the Beatles -- I mean they were already a working band before they realized how well their voices worked together.