Saturday, July 7, 2012

If You Let Me I Can Tease You Baby

The first Yardbirds single in the previous post was a flop.  It failed to chart in either the UK or the US.   In October 1964 a second single was released in the UK only.  Good Morning Little Schoolgirl is definitely an improvement, with a red hot Clapton guitar solo about midway through, and the ratio of harmonica time is greatly reduced.  The old blues standard was first recorded by Sonny Boy Williamson, and the Yardbirds based their take on an updated version created by Don Level and Bob Love in 1961.

The Clapton era of the Yardbirds is about to end, and the next single will take off in a completely different direction.   Though blues tunes would remain in their repetoire, no further singles would be based on it with one amazing exception.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

I actually love the vocals here. Wikipedia says "Featuring Eric Clapton and Paul Samwell-Smith singing together and lead singer Keith Relf 'not singing.'" Heh!

The Clapton era about to come to an end ... the only band i can think of that rotated through so many great guitarists is the various John Mayall projects ...

Mister Pleasant said...

Hey heh hey indeed. I thought the vocals sounded "different" than Keith. Good to know. At least Clapton got in some singing before bailing.