Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sinking Deep Into The Well Of Time

In June of 1966 bassist Paul Samwell-Smith left the Yardbirds.  In his place they chose Jimmy Page to take the bass guitar chores until rhythm guitarist Chris Dreja could learn the bass.  By October of that year the change over was complete and Mr. Page was now the second lead guitarist.  For the next single Happenings Ten Years Time Ago both Page and Jeff Beck played guitar resulting in the only Yardbird's single to feature both.  Co-written by the entire band, the song features a chugging downward guitar line that sets off a vaguely Middle Eastern verse melody.  The dual guitar break in the middle is a psychedelic blast, with siren effects and Jeff Beck's spoken dialogue and laughter.  Perhaps a bit too ahead of its time, it reached only #30 in the US charts, and even lower at #43 in the UK.  Amazingly the band then fired Jeff Beck during a US tour stop in Texas due to his temper and tendency to miss gigs.  So from here on out it will be the Jimmy Page show, along with a strange collection of pop songs written by outside songwriters.

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Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Got to be in everyone's Top Ten Psychedelic Songs of All Time, even mine! Will never grow tired of this one. Didn't know the background for Beck's departure before. Dang. I have to say though, temper & missing gigs are 2 excellent reasons to fire anybody -- life is too short, especially for a rock 'n roll band.